The EASYTrade™ Program Announcement

Cthulhu Librarian’s Discovery Announcement

Cthulhu Librarian’s Discovery Announcement

New Store and New Stuff

23 May No Comments TO_Admin General, Print

Today is a great day: I am off Etsy. Almost. I have 3 things up there now. When they expire, so do I. See more here. Instead, I present this new store! I just finished installing it on the site and then uploaded some products. So far, I have 7. Some hardcore stones and some […]

Miss Page is Ready

Greetings all, wanted to take a moment to show you one of my new images. The illustrious Miss Betty Page, often referred to as the “Queen of Pinups.” She worked with many photographers in her time. She was Miss January, 1955 way back when Playboy had nudes. She did nudes and quickly became an S&M […]

Harley Quinn inspired artwork

  Let’s just dive in here. Here is one of my latest images. She is inspired by the character Harley Quinn of Batman Fame. This is one I avoided because I didn’t think I could make it the way I wanted it. This is the tail end of my stencil