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Greetings all! As you can see, the website is coming along slowly. I’ve switched templates several times now. I’m actively pursuing many changes.

New Site

Due to changes at WeeGonza Bazaar and with Electric Tiger, LLC, it has become prudent to create a new website for graphics and new imagery.

Please take a moment and check out Techno Obscura.

Etsy Changes

Along with the changes to Electric Tiger, WeeGonza Bazaar, and Techno Obscura, we are also shifting store items from WeeGonza Bazaar’s Etsy shop to 2 different stores.

The first store, is for Techno Obscura (Etsy). This store will primarily feature the art of Jonathan Ziegler, his art, his photos, etc. Due to the mixed success of selling these prints within WeeGonza Bazaar’s Etsy site, it has been decided to split art prints into a separate category. To keep up on the latest artwork, don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter on the site.

The next store already exists for WeeGonza Bazaar (Etsy). This store will continue to carry the fine jewelry and craft items it has presented in the past and will continue to do so. Check the WeeGonza Bazaar website for more information. Please also join the mailing list there to keep up on the latest developments. Some will appear on this website, but not all.

Finally, we are resurrecting our old store on Etsy (Electric Tiger Design – Etsy) and will feature jewelry stones, stone slabs for cabochons, cabochons, wire-wrapping stones and various jewelry supplies. Since this last store has no real following, it seemed prudent to simply rebrand and redo rather than establish an entirely new site.

Thanks for coming by!